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Learning & Development (L&D)

The demands of a complex and changing economy-that are characterized by increasing use of information, complex technologies and a general rise in the skill requirements of jobs require higher levels of applied competence. This competence, motivation and adaptability of the workforce will be a determining factor in the performance of countries and organisations in the global economy.

Rapidly advancing technology is influencing how people engage with and experience education, and how learning can be delivered to maximum effect. New opportunities for learning and development (L&D) are continually emerging: opportunities to make learning more effective, more efficient, and more responsive to the changing needs of people and organisations.

The way we learn and teach is developing at an amazing speed, and keeping ahead of the curve is vital. We can help organisations exploit the opportunities that exist from key learning trends such as incidental learning, adaptive teaching, MOOCs, accreditation badges, analytics, e-books and mobile learning.

May 24, 2018