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Energy & Sustainability (E&S)

The Energy Trilemma threatens governments and businesses whilst creating opportunities to boost consumer confidence, shareholder esteem and the bottom line. These are as follows:

  • Energy Security
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Energy Affordability

In the era of unprecedented population expansion, especially in emerging markets, massive investment for energy infrastructure in the region of US$50 trillion between now and 2050 is required to keep up with global energy demand.  With such a large investments to meet up demand, the need for energy isbecoming ever so critical, the method of resource allocation and optimisation is more and more vital.

It is now clearer that balancing the Energy Trilemma makes companies more profitable and more attractive to all stakeholders. More than 50% of customers prefer sustainable brands. Sustainable brands have outpaced the market by 120%. 86% of consumers trust a company that reports corporate social responsibility results. Since 2006, companies listed on the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) delivered 2x the average returns of the Global 500.

Organisations need to rethink their corporate strategy both in terms of their branding / positioning and their investment choices in order to identify opportunities where projects and
programme benefit the Energy Trilemma outcome, the financial performance and socio-corporate objectives. Our Energy and Sustainability (E&S) expertise helps support projects and programmes for policy makers, investors,  developers and end users. We help our clients comply with climate change related legislation, improve energy efficiency, reduce cost of operations, manage brand and reputation, mitigate risk, and create more productive and healthy workplace environments.

Our team develops strategies that not only significantly reduce carbon emissions, but also help seize relevant opportunities that create value and long term benefits for your business.

Our Energy and Sustainability services cover:

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Energy management
  • ISO 14001/50001
  • Compliance and risk management – ESOS, DECs, CRC, CCA, MEES
  • Energy projects development and finance
  • Carbon and sustainability reporting

Yes, FSCL specialises in navigating complex environmental regulations and standards, such as ESOS, DECs, CRC, CCA, and MEES. We provide guidance on compliance, help in preparing necessary documentation, and implement measures to ensure that your operations meet all legal requirements.

Our carbon and sustainability reporting service helps businesses accurately measure their carbon footprint and report on sustainability initiatives in line with global standards. We offer support in data collection, analysis, and the preparation of comprehensive reports that enhance corporate transparency and accountability in sustainability.

FSCL facilitates stakeholder engagement through transparent communication, collaborative projects, and inclusive decision-making processes. We believe that effective sustainability efforts require the involvement and commitment of all stakeholders, from employees and customers to suppliers and the local community.

FSCL balances energy security and sustainability by implementing robust energy management practices, investing in renewable energy sources, and enhancing the efficiency of energy use. Our strategies are designed to ensure a reliable energy supply that meets current needs without compromising environmental and economic sustainability.

Our sustainability strategy involves a comprehensive approach that includes assessing current practices, setting achievable sustainability goals, and implementing measures to improve environmental performance. This strategy is tailored to each client, focusing on areas such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable resource use.

FSCL’s unique approach lies in our holistic view of the Energy Trilemma, addressing energy security, sustainability, and affordability simultaneously. We offer customised solutions that are not only environmentally responsible but also economically viable, ensuring our clients achieve sustainable growth.

FSCL assists clients in all aspects of energy project development and financing, from initial concept and feasibility studies to securing funding and project implementation. Our expertise includes identifying potential funding sources, preparing financial models, and advising on the most cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions.

May 23, 2018